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Review: Indy Scream Park



Indy Scream Park
5 stars

I don't give five-star ratings to haunts very often, but Indy Scream Park more than earns it with a massive undertaking that is well worth both the price and the drive to Anderson. This is the adults-only, summer blockbuster movie thrill ride of the season, with buckets of blood and gore, high intensity and plenty of imagination.

Indy Scream aims to bring major bang for the buck, with five haunts that seem to go on FOREVER. Their backwoods, hillbilly-flesh-hunters haunt alone is a borderline classic, the neon house is some of the best use of 3D I've yet seen, and their zombie-themed corn maze is an imaginative delight. It's not precisely a maze, as the twists and turns are actually linear and you won't get lost, but it brings you into one diabolical scene after another, punctuated by a menacing billowing fireball lighting the way every so often.

Highly recommended.

P.S.: Wear good shoes. You don't want flip-flops on as you're running for your life down a dark gravel path with a madman on your tail.


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