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Review: Jason Zickler's Solar Approach



4 stars

Painting by Jason Zickler.
  • Painting by Jason Zickler.

In his latest exhibit, Jason Zickler achieves a rainbow-like effect in his compositions with the use of painting with multiple layers of resin and acrylic (his colors often swirl around one another but don't blend). In "Unpopulated Spaces," you see swirls of orange, red and blue. This purely abstract work is evocative of a sunset only in terms of color — not form. But if you could put sunset, sand and sky all in a blender and mix them all up, maybe they'd look like this. In "Mine" you see something different: large calligraphic blobs of baby blue and yellow over his usual resin and acrylic layers. The wild abstraction of these paintings is quite a contrast to the structured geometry of the Indy downtown visible from the gallery's windows and just might make you want to get away for a while and let it all hang out on some stretch of Baja shore. Note that while this exhibit shows mostly Zickler's work, you'll also be able to see a couple pieces by Evan Morrow Rogers. The reverse of this arrangement can be found at ARTBOX.

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