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Review: Jordan Bernier, 'Slow Motions'



There’s a second-generation quality to the centerpiece video in this installation by the Baltimore-based Jordan Bernier. In “Computer Lab” you see — on a small screen — a darkened room glowing with twenty-four computer monitors. The videos on these screens cycle through the hues of the color wheel, each video in a different sequence. And the wheels keep spinning around, as it were, because the video's on an infinite loop, given infinite electricity. Accompanying this video are bells that chime as randomly as if they were being blown back and forth by the wind. This is the default soundtrack for the entire installation because the other videos — sequenced differently, incorporating different types of animation — are silent.

There’s thought behind this seemingly randomness, just as there’s thought behind the placement of slot machines (which also incorporate randomness) in any given casino. But if you were to rearrange the placement of the TVs around the gallery, the overall effect would be much the same. What does it all add up to? Bernier’s choices of different media lead to different kinds of disorder, which is interesting on a conceptual level. And while it doesn’t exactly grab you by the lapels, at least it creates its own offbeat ambience. Through March 31 at SpaceCamp MicroGallery.


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