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Review: Juicy J at the Egyptian Room



Arriving late to this show wasn't an option. Opening for his younger brother, Project Pat took the stage to a cloud of smoke. A cloud that would continue to get larger as the show progressed. Playing a diverse set list kept the crowd entertained but at times it felt like they were disinterested, which is puzzling given that his music is eerily similar to that of his brothers. You can only rap about weed, women and your city so many times before it starts to sound repetitive.

Sandwiched between the two brothers was new kid on the block Travis Scott. Easily the most energetic of the three performers, he bounced around the stage like there was a trampoline beneath him. But Scott decided that stage wasn't good enough for him. So he jumped on the rail of the VIP section, turned up and then crowd surfed his way back to the stage. That's one way to get remembered.

Security guards hold Travis Scott's legs as he raps a song on the guardrail. - BRIAN WEISS
  • Brian Weiss
  • Security guards hold Travis Scott's legs as he raps a song on the guardrail.
After what seemed like an eternity, the man himself took the stage. Juicy J came out asking the most important question of the night, "whose got that good weed?" A question he would repeat habitually throughout his set; a question that evoked a passionate howl from the crowd. Remember, it's the Never Sober tour.

Juicy played a large majority of the tracks of his latest album Stay Trippy, including "Scholarship," "Show Out" and "If It Ain't." All three perfect for a crowd filled with college-aged students that were far from sober.

In the midst of a solid set, Juicy started ranting about how some of his fans think he's a new artist, which couldn't be further from the truth. The short rant turned into an interesting lead-in into what I like to call a 'Three 6 Mafia short set.' Playing snippets of classics like "Stay Fly," "Poppin' My Collar" and "Slob on My Knob" had to be the highlight of the show. Although I was a bit disappointed Project Pat didn't join him on stage for a little brotherly rewind.

The most awkward moment of the night came when Juicy decided to join the selfie bandwagon. Pausing from his routine weed questions to see if any fine young ladies wanted to snap a quick photo, he brought the concert to a standstill. This was followed by the request for ladies to join him on stage to shake their asses to "Bounce It," how fitting.

And of course Juicy wasn't going to go a full show without playing the song that put his name on the map, "Bandz a Make Her Dance." That and his verse on Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" received the largest amount of feedback from the crowd, surprising no one.


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