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Review: Just Desserts



2.5 Stars

Indy Indie Artist Colony; through March 31.

Occupying the north wing of the Indy Indie gallery, Just Desserts is a gathering of newly created artwork from all over Indianapolis. For each artist, dessert becomes an expression of an unexpected theme. The risk in such an exercise is that there is no thematic unity beneath the concept in the title.

The show is mostly lighthearted, as seen in Janis Richardson's candy-wrapper collage "Candy Monster," which reveals the artist's fondest memories of childhood and even includes a real bowl of candy (for the taking) as an offering to the monster.

Striking a different chord is Mitch Martin's "Skittles," a Lichtenstein-influenced piece featuring four variously colored prints of a girl pointing a gun. In four different talk bubbles, the girl exposes the bittersweet nature of love: 'If you love something, kill it before it hurts you.' This is the only piece in which dessert is not part of the subject matter.

In the most striking work, Kyle Ragsdale's "I remember your last birthday," a candle-less cake is shown against a dark background, perhaps suggesting a child lost in birth.

As there are deeper themes produced than 'just desserts,' it would be an added treat to see one of them emerge as a unifier for the exhibition.


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