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Review: Learner Dancer, 'Fortune Teller'


Learner Dancer's 7'' - SUBMITTED PHOTO

Learner Dancer
Fortune Teller b/w Forever Today

Learner Dancer exists on the precipice - the view from their perch is wide; their wings spread and ready for flight. The hazy mysticism that shrouds the Indianapolis-based quintet is about to overtake the Heartland and the West Coast on a short tour, but it's their recent GloryHole 7'' that will transport the band.

"Fortune Teller" is surprisingly straight forward for a band that mixes kraut vibes and hippie jams. It is balls to the wall rock 'n' roll that doesn't sacrifice the psychedelic edge of the band's live set. The four minute and 20 seconds of "Fortune Teller" allow for multiple listens in one sitting. "Forever Today" is more in line with the '70s experimentalism that haunts Learner Dancer's music. Live, it's a raging beast of distortion and Indian raga rhythms that envelope the room; on record, it's "Revolution #9" dressed in the Emperor's finest accessories. By touring, Learner Dancer will be able to take their music out of the circle city and into the national spotlight.


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