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Review: Legally Blonde at Beef and Boards


Maggie Taylor plays Elle Woods in 'Legally Blonde, The Musical.'
  • Maggie Taylor plays Elle Woods in 'Legally Blonde, The Musical.'

Legally Blonde, The Musical is a zippy production, with one-liners as fleet-footed as the dancers. Maggie Taylor as Elle Woods might be just a spoiled rich sorority girl, but she has class, not to mention a sense of fairness and justice. Good instincts propel her through some not so nice situations, and the advice of Paulette the hairdresser (played by a delightful and convincing Annie Edgerton) encourages Elle to be true to herself.

The intimate setting of Beef and Boards is well-suited to this contemporary Horatio Alger turn-around where Elle gives as good as she gets. Assuming a dumb blonde outer demeanor Elle initially glides through UCLA until dumped by her boyfriend (the suave Chad Broskey). Getting serious, Elle proves her mettle, with the help of voices in her head as a very clever Greek Chorus and a new friend, Emmett (endearingly portrayed by Dominic Sheahan-Stahl), who recognizes she’s smart and beautiful. Sub-plot surprises and a plausible court room drama move speedily in and out of a snappily designed set. A pair of four-leggeds are cameo stars. Through April 6 at Beef and Boards.


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