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Review: Lotus at The Vogue


Another recent Lotus show.
  • The band's spectacular lights at another recent Lotus show.

Lotus with Keys N Krates
Thursday, November 3
The Vogue

The Lotus show this Thursday evening at the Vogue started with Keys N Krates. This Toronto-based male hip-hop trio put on a well-mixed set. And they were into it—sometimes that makes all the difference. The smallish crowd trickled out of their seats to bounce around on the dance floor. Beats from Michael Jackson and Kanye drifted in and out throughout their set. They ended a pretty short, successful performance with what they called “Let it Rain.”

Lotus took the stage at 11 p.m., but no one seemed to be keeping an eye on the time. No one seemed to be aware of the miserable weather, either. This crowd was small, but dedicated. In the audience there were illuminated hula-hoops, flashing gloves, and other general jam-band garb. But the members of Lotus were pros. They could have been playing in other bands or other venues and would have fit right in.

The second song, “In an Outline,” was from their new self-titled album (reviewed on, but they played across their spectrum of songs. The crowd looked like they had rehearsed the whole thing—like they knew what was coming next. Lotus is known for their concert/light show experience. The light show was certainly exciting, but not overly impressive. It was all about dancing; even though it was a Thursday night, people were getting their weekend on.

As with the new album, what is impressive about this band is that you can feel like you have a read on them and then their next song will force you to reconsider the box you’ve just put them in. This jazz/funk/jam band held their own on a cold rainy night in Indianapolis—a place where they seem to feel at home.


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