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Review: Mad Monk & Apache Dropout, My Wild Life 7''



Mad Monk & Apache Dropout
My Wild Life 7''
Family Vineyard Records

Mad Monk's songs "My Wild Life" and "Double Shot of Brandy" illustrate the singer-songwriter's distance from being John Terrill, the drummer of '70s no-wave band Dancing Cigarettes. Monk, veteran of the Bloomington underground music scene, offers sage wisdom on attitudes and lifestyles through a retrospective lens, carried by a tumbling, gritty, pop-rock song on "My Wild Life." Apache Dropout follows suit by backing Mad Monk's vocals on "I'm Not A Young Man Anymore" with fuzzed-out rhythms and an upbeat tempo. The two creative forces merge to become a sonically brilliant collaboration for a wide range of genres. This follows Apache Dropout's Bubblegum Graveyard, released earlier this year - the album established a following within the resurgent popularity of lo-fi basement bands and pysch-rock revisitations. This newest release from Apache Dropout and Mad Monk combines the most talented aspects of Apache Dropout's pysch-garage twists with Terrill's expert alt-song crafting. The 7'' is released through Family Vineyard Records.

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