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Review: Main Squeeze at the Vogue



For the college kids, it was the end of a long fought semester. For the 9- 5'ers in the crowd, it was the culmination of a crazed, pre-holiday, workweek. For the Main Squeeze, Peter Terry and the City Profits, and The Mundies, Friday at The Vogue was the night they could help everyone put it all behind them. Making that glorious transition of toil and tussle to funkified dance grooves, the reasonably full theater was a place of cathartic energy. The music gods gazed happily at the venue that evening, as rock and roll rhythms of all flavors emanated out into the eardrums of the crowd.

Beginning with a set by Indianapolis' own The Mundies, the tone was set in place for the remainder of the evening. Blending classic rock elements with progressive rock influences, The Mundies succeed at channeling a jam-rock feel, and then mixing it with their own original formula. Tight knit, and solid musicianship entertained the audience as a key factor in this opening set. The Mundies continually illustrate their potential as one of Indy's premier rock bands, and their performance at The Vogue only further solidified this truth. Following their stage time came Peter Terry and the City Profits.

Peter Terry and the City Profits have been honing their sound in Nashville, TN for some time now, and this influence certainly shines through in their folky sound. Showcasing a cello as one of their forerunning instruments, this band has a smoky aspect melded into their soulful folk tone. These fellows definitely carried their own lovely signature sound to The Vogue, and towards the end of their set they even brought out some of the Squeeze members. Max Newman, guitar, and Corey Frye, vocals, joined Peter Terry and the City Profits for some enthusiastic collaborations on stage. Taking a short break between the set, the rest of the members of the Main Squeeze geared up for the last leg of the evening.

The evening had begun passing quickly when the Main Squeeze walked onto stage. Wasting not even a minute, the guys started amplifying the venue to the highest reaching decibels possible. The lights and lasers burst brilliantly in synchronization with the raging funk blasting from the speakers. The name of the band was continually etched out in vivid lime lasers across ceiling hanging over the top of the stage. The audience erupted into a roar as the longtime fan favorite "I'll Take Another" ripped out across the audience. Fans fervently hopped around to the song while aggressively head nodding and singing the words. The Main Squeeze has this special talent for pulling everyone in the venue to the floor to collectively jam, and this evening was no exception.

Friday night at The Vogue was a night pumped with energy and joy for listeners and performers. However, at the lead of the musicians, special respect was paid for those who so tragically lost their lives earlier that day in the Newton school shooting. People bowed their heads respectably as Corey took a few moments to honor those who lost their lives. This moment of acknowledgement not only added depth to the evening, but also further cemented the feelings of camaraderie amongst everyone at The Vogue. Whether it was the end of a semester or a workweek, everyone seemed pleased to be squeezed.


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