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Review: 'Mapable' at SpaceCamp Gallery


'Continent #11' by Israeli artist Sharon Glazberg.
  • 'Continent #11' by Israeli artist Sharon Glazberg.

SpaceCamp MicroGallery; through January 30.

Paper maps are becoming increasingly irrelevant due to the rise of affordable GPS technology, but they remain a source of inspiration for certain artists.

For "Continent #11," Israeli artist Sharon Glazberg - one of several artists to use paper maps as their canvases in the show - drew dinosaur fossil bones in black ink directly on an archival political map of the Middle East. (At issue here are hotly contested fossil fuel resources composed of organic materials - like dinosaur bones.)

Stuart McAdams' contribution is even more minimalist. He traced a simple white line on a black backdrop to give the outline of his 2050 mile round trip cycle trip, which he undertook in 2010, from Glasgow, Scotland, to the Netherlands.

Curator Flounder Lee likewise incorporates cartography into his own art, which is more substantial and technologically adept than most of the work displayed here. Still, this exhibit is a great introduction to a small genre of art-making that tries to make sense of our increasingly crowded global village.


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