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Review: Matt and Kim at the Vogue Theatre



Matt and Kim, Oberhofer

The Vogue Theatre

Friday, November 9

Beer, balloons and beats were the order of the night for a raucous Matt and Kim show at the Vogue Theatre last Friday. Never let it be said these two Brooklyn natives (and real life couple) are merely a duo who just sit and play their quirky, beat-and-synth-driven songs (Matt Johnson on keyboard and vocals and Kim Schifino on drums). The two didn't come off as an indie band so much as they did a comedy duo, doing impromptu dances to their random hip-hop samples, engaging the audience with balloons and confetti, throwing out one-liners and leaping up and down their seats.

Coming off their new album Lightning, their set hued close to the new material and much from their first release. It was also remarkably complemented by a series of non-stop light cues t hat only added to the party. Johnson gave little introductions to just about every song, and together they ripped through favorites like "Daylight," "Cameras," "Good Ol' Fashioned Nightmare" and "Let's Go," incorporating samples in the middle of some songs like "Move Bitch." The best being an interlude that had them both crooning Alice Deejay's "Better Off Alone" for a few minutes.

On record, the songs are irresistibly catchy, but not much more. On stage the songs pack a harder punch, especially with the two thrashing about like punk rockers, Matt hopping up and down his seat, Kim standing atop her drum or jumping out into the crowd. The beats are stronger and singing along to them with a hoard of fans is infinitely more fun. On this latest tour, the duo don't always play shows in which the crowd is at least 21 or older, and so they took full advantage, with Kim asking for anyone to bring her a beer via crowd surfing (she got three).

The highlight was their surprise intro of "Daylight" in which Johnson began the notes slowly like a ballad before launching into the familiar tune. While I would have preferred hearing a new, stripped down version it was still a kick hearing it live.

A night full of surprises was kicked off too by a strong set from opening (and fellow Brooklyn group) Oberhofer, full of ear-catching guitar hooks, glockenspiel and singer Brad Oberhofer tossing assorted items on his person to the audience and even running all over the Vogue himself.


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