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Review: Michal Lile at Gallery 924


Michal Lile, "The Last Reaction"
  • Michal Lile, "The Last Reaction"

Given your taste for the conceptual, you might find the way MIchal Lile's 'Transitions and Possibilities' is organized either frustrating or engaging. Using blue painters tape stuck on red brick gallery walls, Lile leads the viewer's eyes past the walls of Gallery 924, through the Arts Council's offices, and even into the Living Room Lounge, next door. One man's clever spatial concept is another's good excuse for getting a beer after the show.

But Lile’s own mixed media paintings didn’t consistently transport me out of the gallery space, in that other transcendent sense. The mixed media on Russian birch painting “The Last Reaction” is essentially a grid of rectangles with a United Colors of Benetton color scheme. It’s as dimensionally flat as the landscape described in Edwin Abbot’s novella Flatland, which is odd considering the space-expanding premise of this show.

Fortunately, a number of paintings have a sense of depth, including “Varsity Clouds” and “The Last Cloud” which feature clouds, of course, against patterned backgrounds. You have to wonder though, considering the conceptual content of this show: Is Lile depicting real clouds in these paintings or thought clouds?Through Sept. 28 at Gallery 924


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