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Review: Mike Adams AHOW, Busman's Holiday


Mike Adams implores you to Oscillate Wisely
  • Mike Adams implores you to Oscillate Wisely

Despite the disbandment of his longtime band, husband&wife, this past April, Mike Adams is nowhere near down and out. With the recent split 7" release by his solo project (Mike Adams At His Honest Weight) -- and a spirited live presence -- Adams shows no signs of tapping out.

Last Thursday night, Busman's Holiday and Mike Adams At His Honest Weight joined forces at The Bishop, playing what they billed as the "ROCK n ROLL EVENT OF THE SUMMER!" The duo of Bloomington acts, although contrasting in rock approach, made for a perfect match, engaging the crowd not only with their authentic tunes, but also with their lighthearted witticisms.

Busman's Holiday started off the night, playing a solid set of their organic rock 'n' roll. Intermingling comical banter with tightly knit harmonization. Lewis and Addison Rogers made a great team, working through jokes and songs alike as if their minds are linked.

The duo performed a new song called, "Baby Blue," which featured a very impressive patchwork of vocal patterns. They also played a very fun rendition of The Kinks "Waterloo Sunset."

Next, Mike Adams At His Honest Weight played a high-energy set of songs dominantly from the project's debut, titled Oscillate Wisely. Adams joked about his band's self-centered name, saying, "The reason we are called that is because I do a lot of hard work and these guys get to sit around and drink beers."

The band's set opened with the track "dmb," a high-powered gem featured on the very solid split 7" Adams and company did with Bloomington friends Sleeping Bag. Released jointly by Joyful Noise Recordings and Jurassic Pop Records, the 7" features one new song from both of the bands, as well as an Adams cover of Sleeping Bag's "Desker" and a Sleeping Bag cover of Adams' "Don't You Blanket When That Happens."

Throughout his set, Adams glided around The Bishop's cramped stage like a superhero, taking each song break to goofily interact with the audience with his genuine charm. A few songs into their set, the band played a new song which Adams said would be featured on their upcoming album to be tentatively released in January.

A perfect portrait of Adams' genial showmanship came when the frontman ran out into the crowd, baring with him gifts of rhythm. As the band continued to roar at the end of their song, "I Did Not Create This Body," Adams rushed the floor handing out shakers to members of the audience, inviting them to contribute to the band's boisterousness. After the noise subsided, the band kept the energy high, closing their set with "Bad Weather," a highlight from Oscillate Wisely.


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