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Review: Monsters, Myth and Mayhem at Indy Indie



Some familiar names contributed to this Indy Indie group show. Lydia Burris's painting "The Forgotten One" shows a cross between a tree and a woman lost in the forest, her face hidden by a mask-like growth. Mallory Hodgkin's painting "Go to Bed" features a mother boar and her little squeakers, all studded with crystal-like growths glowing under the blue light of the full moon.

As for new faces, look for Josh Haines' "Fixation," which shows the legs of a girl wearing a pink skirt, with part of one leg cut away. With the ground colored pink under the girl's feet and a white duck hanging out in the background, it's kind of like Dali meets Mab Graves. Also of note: A brochure by a group called The Universal Collective, entitled "Everything is Everything is Everything," extolling the truths of a nameless astronaut's communication logs.


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