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Review: Mumford & Sons at Klipsch


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  • Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons playing live.

To say I was excited to finally see Mumford & Sons live is an understatement. The first time they came to Indiana in 2010 they played The Bluebird in Bloomington and I, unfortunately, was a few months shy of 21. Consequently, last night had a lot of making up to do! After missing fellow English rock bands Bear's Den and The Vaccines due to a mix-up with our tickets, my friend and I somehow lucked out and received tickets to the pit.

The evening was cool, the air, by some miracle, wasn't as sticky as usual by Indiana's standards and Mumford & Sons played an amazing, sold out show.

They played a fair mix of music from their first album, Sigh No More, and their latest album, Babel, throughout their set. Being totally obsessed with Mumford & Sons when I first heard them in 2010 while going through a bout of heartache, Sigh No More will always remind me of those darker days. Still, it was that album that helped me get through those sad times and find the hope and strength to move forward. I was glad, therefore, when Mumford & Sons finally released Babel, so that I could fall in love with them all over again during a happier time in my life.

My friend and I agreed that seeing them live, especially so up close and personal, was somewhat of a spiritual experience. I would guess the rest of the attendees at the concert last night would have to agree as well, given that nearly everyone was singing, dancing and waving their entire bodies along to the music as if they were under some kind of spell. Some crowd favorites from the evening included "Lover of the Light," "I Will Wait," "Below My Feet," and of course, "The Cave."

One of the best moments from the concert came during the encore when The Vaccines made their way back on stage to join Mumford & Sons in paying tribute to the most famous English band of all, The Beatles. Everyone on stage was jamming out to "Come Together" and the entire audience was right there with them, singing their hearts out. Whether under the stars in the lawn or under the enchanting strung lights of the pavilion, everyone at Klipsch was swept away last night by Mumford & Sons' alluring charm and high energy performance.


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