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Review: Notes at Artbox at Stutz II



3 stars

Artbox at Stutz II; through May 27.

Loosely organized around the medium of works on paper, Notes finds further unity in the abstraction which normally characterizes Artbox work. However, between this exhibition and works remaining from previous shows, there is a wide range of media on the walls. Notes might work better not crowded in by these other works.

Patricia Schnall Gutierrez exhibits giant charcoal drawings, relishing in the physical surface of the paper as much as the images themselves. This is evident in “And Her Thoughts Drifted,” a text-image work splayed out across three poster-length sheets of paper but showing a minimal amount of charcoal. The words echo across three dark, blurry masses representing thoughts.

This piece differs starkly from Alex Guofeng Cao’s “Brigitte vs. Eve,” a busy glamour portrait composed in mosaic form of tiny Sistine Chapel ‘Birth of Eve’s’. Bruce Riley, on the other hand, works on a much smaller scale, creating acrylic blot negatives – “Blot 14, 21, 32, and 39”— which seem to resemble bodily organs.

Notes helps the viewer see paper not only as a medium, but as a technical tool, vital to much of the abstract work carried out at Artbox.


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