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Review: Of Monsters and Men at the Lawn



Otherworldly folk-pop sextet Of Monsters and Men are following the Head and The Heart playbook - create a solid album, tour it endlessly. I'm not sure yet if the sprawling Icelandic poppers will tour quite as long on their first LP as their Seattle-born sonic sisters, but their first full-length, My Head Is An Animal, dropped all the way back in the fall of 2011.

They've remarked before on how much they prefer writing songs in English rather than Icelandic - a hesitance to write in the native language may be a common denominator between Icelandic bands that manage to cross the North Atlantic, as Sigur Ros preferred to invent their own language entirely rather than sing primarily in Icelandic. While their mastery of the English language seems fully realized in song, their on-stage banter was sorely lacking. Because ... they can't speak English very well. Which is fine! We don't need our folk-pop collectives to keep us entertained between the songs. We just need the music to do the entertaining, which is did, for the first three quarters of the show.

Unfortunately, much like those constantly touring Seattlites we mentioned up top, the relative sparsity of Of Monsters and Men's current catalogue leaves a bit to be desired in a full set. I think they would blow a festival set out of the water: 45 minutes would have been perfect. An hour was just a bit too much.

The crowd was stacked with teens, tweens and even lil'r kids. Makes sense - OMAM write lullabies, primarily. In fact, they ended their set with a lullaby to say goodbye. It was a completely pleasant, entertaining show from the sextet. I just can't wait until that second full-length album is out to flesh out the rest of the setlist.


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