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Review: Papadosio at Headliners Music Hall


  • Lacy Bursick

Before hitting Summercamp Music Festival in Illinois over Memorial weekend, Papadosio made a stop Thursday night in Louisville at a small venue, Headliners Music Hall, connecting with the crowd on an intimate and up-close level.

The scent of sage filled the room and glow sticks flew in the air as their hippie fans swayed together. The band is known for their spirituality, Papadosio reeled in the energy of the crowd the moment they stepped on stage.

The psychedelic rhythms accompanied by deep electro bass lines had the crowd grooving. Watching them merge multiple genres bouncing around from jam to electronica, folk to dance, they prove convergence of the genres can actually work. Lead singer and guitarist Anthony Thogmartin knows his vocal range and compliments the layers of sounds from the entire band.

  • Lacy Bursick

In such a small venue, the lightshow took over and sucked in everyone's eyes. Even those not on ~controlled substances~ experienced a hallucinogenic display of backgrounds featuring subjects as disparate as African children and lunar eclipses, Papadosio's effort to make impact with their music is clear.

Having seen Dosio before, I recognized the energy from the band itself was not all the way there. Halfway into the set, Anthony Thogmartin announced they had a bad day but were putting those bad vibes behind to play.

Their music has definitely evolved in the last four years. Dosio's 2009 album hits were nowhere to be found in this set. "Cue" from their newest album, T.E.T.I.O.S. was the song that turned the crowd's sways into dance-party.

Dosio's drummer Mike Healy gets credit for appearing to have the most fun playing. His priceless facial expressions showed he wasn't brought down by the bad day like the rest of the guys; he was having the time of his life.

They ended early to the disappointment of the audience, who had to chant "one more song" longer than they should have. Finally, they came back on stage and rocked out one last song before saying their goodbyes and promoting their own fast emerging music festival coming up in mid-August, Rootwire.

The thing that keeps Papadosio so successful is the connection they try to share with their fans. Papadosio has proven that even on bad days, their musical talent and spiritual bond with their fans will always be there.


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