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Review: Phoenix's 'The Zippers of Zoomerville'



3.5 stars

Phoenix Theatre; directed by Jack O’Hara; through May 28.

This is not a musical that would go over in many places outside of Indiana, making it a truly local event. This satirical homage to the Indy 500 is pure camp.

The script brims with lines that actors love to say, causing each to create gut-busting energy throughout. Just as “Zoomby” cars race around the ovular track, characters zip around stage creating the controlled chaos of the “largest spectacle in racing.”

Director Jack O’Hara put together a harmonious ensemble of five, with not one actor out of place vocally. His intentionally over-the-top direction encourages actors and audiences alike to find their inner goofball.

Scot Greenwell, a new regular in Phoenix shows, impresses with his range of talent as he steps into the role of a country bumpkin with gasoline aspirations. His love interest, Phebe Taylor, is adorably misguided as the beauty pageant queen. No moral or message hampers this kitschy piece of theater that can only be described as silly.

749 N. Park Ave., 635-7529,


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