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Review: Primary Colors' Toys



4 stars

In 2001, the nonprofit arts organization Primary Colors began to invite emerging artists to submit one work apiece to an annual exhibit loosely based on the theme of toys. This year, for the first time, the work of the 20 artists included in this show will be available for view and purchase past opening night. Which is a good thing, if you haven't already experienced Carl B. Leck's "Sockem." This "toy" allows you and a partner to put a teddy bear and a baseball-capped robot into combat with two separate pairs of controls. You can appreciate this type of art whether you're a kid or just a kid at heart. For the more conceptually inclined, Aaron Scamihorn offers up "The Totalitarian of Toys," a dead-on digital illustration picturing Mr. Rogers with a wide smile on his face and multiple concentric circles beaming like radio waves from his head. This title might be needlessly provocative — putting Mr. Rogers in the company of Hitler and Stalin — but the work attached to it seems to gain something from the title. A great show, all in all, giving you toys you can play with as well as toys that play with your imagination. Bring some new or gently used art supplies when you visit, to benefit VSA arts of Indiana.

Gallery 924; through Dec. 22; 631-3301,


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