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Review: Prints + Pieces at mt. comfort


Danielle Rante, "The Blue of Distance 3"
  • Danielle Rante, "The Blue of Distance 3"

Repetition and exactitude is the name of the game for the three artists included in Prints + Pieces. Out of these three, Danielle Rante seems to have realized the most success in creating a new language, inspired equally by Japanese printmaking and a Ford-style assembly line. In her "The Blue of Distance 3," a mountainous landscape evocative of Japanese wood-cut prints looms over a sea of white paper obsessively and precisely cut with thousands of little ovals (to resemble wavelets perhaps?).

Stephen Eichhorn seems to be inspired by the possibilities of Photoshop, though his process, which involves the cutting out and assembling images of plants from assorted magazines, is more painstaking than any workaday computer-based editing. "Cactus Cluster II," shows a round cluster of various types of cacti; there is no horizon or soil, just a blank archival paper backdrop to this collage. Given its rootlessness, it resembles a supernova as much as anything terrestrial.

Ryan Blackwell's work is fairly humdrum in comparison: Using a stamp pad to stamp a business address on white paper in "The Best and the Worst Years," he creates a repetitive type of calligraphic art that might be compared to the highly repetitive music of early Phillip Glass.Through May 25 at mt. comfort (a place for champions)


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