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Review: Punctuation Spire



3 stars

IUPUI Campus Center. If you were to visualize punctuation in concrete terms, you might think of it as the scaffolding surrounding the edifices of sentences and paragraphs, rather than the sentences themselves. The sculptor William Crutchfield, a Herron alum, perhaps felt differently; his "Punctuation Spire" needs no scaffolding (although this massive wooden sculpture does require steel and aluminum support elements). Weighing in at 3,000 pounds and rising 28 feet from the atrium floor of the IUPUI Campus Center, "Punctuation Spire" quite literally rests on a massive question mark — the base of this sculpture. As it rises higher, you see quotation marks and asterisks and brackets carved from Honduran mahogany; you see all the usual suspects of punctuation as well as linguistic symbols with the notable exception of the @ sign. (Crutchfield built this sculpture in 1981, before the advent of the Internet.) The sculpture terminates in an exclamation point — at the highest point — like a university student rising to the occasion to answer his essay questions in perfectly punctuated prose! No closing date; 278-9477,


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