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Review: Queens of the Stone Age



I gotta admit, I wasn't holding a lot of hope for Thursday's Queen of the Stone Age show at the Vogue. I was kinda turned off by the slick precision they displayed on the Era Vulgaris tour, and doing a tour for an album when one of the two main dudes who created the album isn't there doesn't seem right. Kinda like Gene doing a Dressed to Kill tour without Paul.

Still I went, spurred on by the fact that Josh Homme is a bad ass who won't abide letting his first-born be sullied. As it turns out, Homme started the show with a rambunctious, yet powerful, reading of the entirety of his band's debut album, then closed out with a fanboy's fantasy set that had the packed multitude slack-jawed with awe.

"Regular John" and "Walkin' on Sidewalks" benefited from a cleaner, more powerful reading, while "How to Handle a Rope" and "Mexicola" made for a nice one-two punch in the middle of the set. the first set ended with a white hot "You Can't Quit Me Baby." In the second set, the band mixed some deep cuts ("Medication," "Infinity") with some crowd-pleasers ("Sick, Sick, Sick," "Make It Wit Chu"). An encore included dynamite versions of Rated R's "Leg of Lamb" and "Monsters in the Parasol."

Throughout, the crowd stayed with the band and lapped up every last drop of the band's goodness. Heck, it was only during the band's last (and best-known) song that people began to move to the exits. A surprisingly strong show from one of rock's best living frontmen.


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