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Review: Rancho Mirage at Phoenix Theatre



Playwright Steven Dietz has become a favorite of the Indy theater community, and in the Phoenix Theatre's latest production it's clear why. His script offers many twists, turns and reveals in a story brimming with endearing characters and delightful humor.

Six long-time friends enjoy a last meal, of sorts, in the gated community of Rancho Mirage, each bringing baggage to the table. Dietz's characters are lovably imperfect, despite their privilege and hubris. He makes rich-people-problems just people-problems by asking the question: How well do we really know the very best people we know?

This Indiana premiere features tight ensemble work from of some of Indy's finest actors and a few newer faces as well. Director Bryan Fonseca cast a solid group and elicited finely crafted performances from each.


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