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Review: Rob Schneider at Crackers


Rob Scheider in one of his cinematic masterpieces
  • Rob Scheider in one of his cinematic masterpieces

3.5 stars

It wasn’t easy finding someone to go see Rob Schneider with me at Crackers Comedy Club in Broad Ripple.

Who’s Rob Schneider?
You know, he’s in all those Adam Sandler movies …
Is Adam Sandler going to be there?

Finally I found a friend who knew who Schneider was, and, at the end of the night, she agreed Schneider is way more than the “you can do it” Cajun man in Waterboy. Though he still boasts that claim to fame (it was the first thing he said when he took the mic), Schneider moved through a cavalcade of colorful characters throughout the evening that at least equaled his onscreen work.

Seeing as Schneider does an Adam Sandler impersonation, it would not be too big of a lie to tell my friends that yes, Adam Sandler WAS at the show … as was Christopher Walken, Jerry Seinfeld, Schneider’s Latina wife Pa-TREE-see-ya, a guy from Hoarders who is unwilling to throw away his dead cat — it was his best one, it still has a bit of fur on it — and at least two dozen more people that Rob Schneider became onstage throughout the course of the evening.

Schneider is no stranger to live performance, having been one of Saturday Night Live’s “Bad Boys” in the early 1990’s, starring alongside Adam Sandler, Chris Farley and David Spade. Schneider made a seamless move from SNL soundstage to silver screen to handheld mic, with all three venues contributing to his arsenal of comedy.

His stand up at last night’s show had two distinctive acts: Act I showcased a punchline-based comedy, while Act II was political.

Act I consisted of shorter jokes and several impersonations. Bits about his new bride of Hispanic origin served as a through-line for his shorter jokes, getting us through to a pop culture bit about Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Without turning his show into a Lewis Black rant, Schneider was able to present the audience with several touches of dark humor during Act II, using irreverence in his favor. For instance, when talking about airport security: “I’m against racial profiling, but it works… If your name takes up more than one page on your passport, spread your cheeks.”

There’s no point in denying that his humor is kinder on a liberal ear. There were few stodgy folks that chose not to laugh when he talked about his feelings on Sarah Palin: “I’d do her, but I’d wear a condom … I don’t want my dick to get any dumber.”

I was laughing, of course, because I’m not a humorless cadaver. I was also laughing because Schneider offers a refreshing audacity in a time of political correctness, something I applaud.

And I applauded the crap out of Rob Schneider.

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