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Review: Safe in Sound Festival brings bass to Indy



It was loud. No, it was very loud. And that was perfectly fine. The Safe in Sound Festival brought ETC!ETC!, Terravita, Zomboy, and Borgore to the Pan Am Pavilion Sept. 22, and they all brought heavy bass with them.

I always worry about sound quality at mainstream, electronic shows that take place at venues that I’ve never been to, but I was quite surprised at how well Safe in Sound dealt with it. There was not a single instance throughout the night where I could point to where I was disappointed in the quality of the tunes that were hitting my eardrums — it’s always nice when they aren’t ringing as you drive home.

Parking in Downtown Indy can be a hassle, so I left home — and arrived to the show— early. Getting to a show early has its benefits, especially when an artist like ETC!ETC! kicks things off. With Indy being one of only a few stops for ETC!ETC! during this tour, he made sure to bring his A-game. Safe in Sound switched up their openers for each stop on the tour, but after taking a look at the full lineup, I don’t recommend showing up late to your show, not matter what city you’re attending in.

Easily my favorite set of the night, Zomboy played remixes of The Chainsmoker’s smash hit ‘Don't Let Me Down” and Skrillex and Diplo’s “Where Are U Now.” My dude went so hard he hurt himself. 

Borgore, the headliner for Safe in Sound’s stop in Indy, has made a name for himself in the EDM scene in a intriguing way — the dude’s name is Daddy on Twitter — but we’ll save that story for a different day. Tonight, he brought the party. And let’s be honest, when doesn’t he? He lives a life many people his age wish they lived and he’s not afraid to bring that lifestyle to his shows. For that alone, he’s earned a massive following.


Bouncing between heavier tracks and his well-known shit, he had everyone in the place bobbing their heads like a giveaway at a baseball game. To say the crowd was feeling his set would be an understatement. I can say safely say there wasn’t a person in the Pan Am that wasn’t a moving a portion of their body to each song. That being said, I have two bones to pick with Borgore. First off, why such a short set, man? Secondly, ending with a metal remix? Not a fan. It was an awkward way to end a show that was anything but that.

Anyways, back to positivity. If you’ve been to a Safe in Sound stop in the past, they’ve definitely upgraded their production this go-around. Don’t believe me? Peep that video below or just check out a show yourself.

Wrapping this up, the Pan Am Pavilion was the perfect venue for this festival. It was large enough to fit an above-average crowd, but small enough that every attendee got a great view of the stage. I’m excited to see more electronic shows here in the future.


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