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Review: 'Sampling' at Garvey Simon



4.5 stars

Garvey Siimon Art Access; through May 31.

J. Ivcevich’s subjects in his acrylic on canvas painting “Newsworthy” are a common row of newspaper dispensers lining a sidewalk. These differently colored dispensers form a horizon line bordering a flat plane of deep blue sky in which birds are flying.

Ivcevich, a Brebeuf alum, is playing with perspective here by placing the horizon so close. That is to say, if you step off this particular sidewalk you might find yourself falling off the edge of the world.

Throughout this mini-retrospective, you see this artist taking common street imagery and making it new, making it strange. But the mediums he uses vary from painting to painting.

In Street Semiotic #4, he covers a photographic C-print with resin. He then paints on this surface with acrylic, using a syringe as his “brush” to squeeze out the paint and create bold outlines. Then he repeats the process with another layer of resin and acrylic and achieves a three-dimensional effect. His subjects here are multiple graffiti tags painted one-on-top-of another — the kind of thing you might see in any urban alleyway. But in this painting, the multiple layers of graffiti seem to lift off the canvas.

Opening reception for this show, which is currently on view, is May 14 to coincide with Carmel Gallery Walk.


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