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Review: Something Wicked This Way Comes



2 stars

No Holds Bard; IndyFringe Theatre. Directed by Tristan Ross. Anticipating Halloween, this review of Shakespeare's most dangerous women is a kind of Direst Hits collection, a string of monologues and brief scenes from such plays as Macbeth, King Lear, Coriolanus, Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet, in which women are either victims or victimizers. With a running time of about an hour, it's a hasty survey that doesn't allow the three able female leads (Denise Jaekel, Jenney Mermelstein, Joanna Winston) time to plumb their various characters' considerable depths. Narrator Peter Lindblom's Rod Serling-esque commentary rattles by at such a pace that any humor is lost. This is more than a pacing problem; the various cuttings are almost all pitched at the same emotional level. They tend to be climactic moments, full of, ahem, sound and fury. The result is a lot of crying, screaming and dying. But the relationships that, in context, make these moments truly memorable are missing. Performances Oct. 15 & 16, 8 p.m.;


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