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Review: Susan Hodgin at the Harrison



4 stars

Harrison Center Gallery No.#2.

The centerpiece of this particular show is the five-panel “Gale” (mixed media on canvas), previously exhibited in the Indianapolis Art Center during last year’s Annual Faculty Exhibition. This work still retains its power for me. While this colorful evocation of the weather is not a literal one—think of a sun shower viewed through a kaleidoscope—its abstracted, twisting planes certainly give you the sense of a raging storm.

There are other paintings in this show that are equally engaging. Take, for example, her oil on canvas “Windmills.” In this painting, a series of intertwined yellow streaks, vaguely suggestive of a Chinese character, draw your attention to the center of the canvas. This image is surrounded by an ebb and flow of color and pattern that is ultimately circular—as circular as all weather patterns.

If you happen to circulate through the Harrison Center during the month of April, you might also want to visit Hodgin’s downstairs studio, in which there are even more recent paintings on display. I sense that her Gallery #2 show, as good as it is, could be considered as a mere jumping off point for her even more current work.

Through April 30


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