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Review: The Chainsmokers at The Bluebird



"Is this '#Selfie'?"

"I swear this is '#Selfie'."

Breaking news: It wasn't "#Selfie."

That's how popular The Chainsmokers latest release has become. Popular enough to be mistaken for a trap remix of a hip-hop song during an opener almost two hours before the group took the stage. Popular enough to be heard on a local radio station on my drive into Bloomington. Hell, popular enough to get Snoop Dogg and David Hasselhoff on the song's music video. So it was no surprise when the group paused the show to take a selfie with the crowd. But I thought that would be the only time the show was paused -- boy, was I wrong.

An admittedly small crowd for openers Jodyfree (Joshua Freeman) and Nick Samaro can be linked largely to the fact that Indiana men's basketball team was playing a home game against ranked Big Ten foe Iowa. But the scarce crowd didn't affect the quality of the local support.

I've heard a million and one remixes of Daft Punk's "Satisfaction" and was still taken back by the twist Samaro threw on the track. He added a unique baseline and slowed down certain portions to a snaillike pace, grabbing my attention with the risky switch up. A filthy remix of DJ Snake's "Turn Down For What" did in no way, shape or form turn down the crowd, so he had that going for him too.

As Samaro was putting the finishing touches on his set, a plethora of students began to trickle in, meandering there way from Assembly Hall to The Bluebird following the Hoosiers upset of the Hawkeyes. The crowd quickly ballooned, filling the venue with a new wave of ecstatic and energy crazed fans just in time for headliner, The Chainsmokers.

Taking the stage to their remix of "Julian" by Say Lou Lou, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall lived up to their name by playing several indie-electronic mixes. That's why I was quite surprised when the group included a trap remix of a rap song. Not only that, but Taggart invited the crowd onto stage, creating a frenzy but not a problem. The problem came after the song when fans wouldn't leave the stage. The group had to pause the concert and ask fans to hop down (an awkward situation for all parties involved).

Maybe it was the impending snowstorm (don't even get me started on that), but a shorter than expected set left me with a feeling of emptiness, and trust me, I had more than enough to eat prior to the show. Not playing their remix of Daughter's "Medicine" really struck a nerve as it was the first song I heard by them but - you can't always get what you want (insert Mick Jagger voice here).

Despite the hiccup, the guys did put on a stellar show and I'm not one to harp on the negatives. By including their remix of NONONO's "Pumpin Blood," The Chainsmokers promptly won my heart back - pun intended. And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a slight bit obsessed with the track. Plus, I made it through the show without taking a selfie, which deserves a pat on the back.


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