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Review: The Emily Poe Project at Lazy Daze



Austin & Emily (The Emily Poe Project)
  • Austin & Emily (The Emily Poe Project)

A two-piece group called The Emily Poe Project has one of the most enchanting sounds I’ve heard from a local band in a while. The thing is, you have to listen really, really closely to actually hear it.

The Emily Poe Project is Emily Hoffman and Austin Matthew Scholl - two young, aspiring singer-songwriters who grabbed my attention during week six of the Acoustic LIVE Challenge. I saw them Saturday at Lazy Daze in Irvington, a much more appropriate venue than the loud, raucous bar where I first saw and heard them.

Situated a few inches above their audience on the Eastside coffeehouse’s micro-stage, the duo played an hour’s worth of original music for a room filled with less than 15 people (including the performers themselves). Hoffman’s mesmerizing voice is a mystery that I can’t quite solve; it’s light and fragile (like a mother singing lullaby’s to her newborn) but also deep and captivating. Scholl’s whispering vocals harmonize perfectly, radiating a tender warmth and sincerity that makes listening to the pair as comfortable as reading a book by the fireplace on a cold, snowy evening.

They sound the best when they’re completely natural (no microphones, no amplifiers) - preserving the mystique of their beautifully crafted music - but are versatile enough to handle larger crowds when necessary (but only if they’re an attentive bunch). With just two guitars and their own breathtaking voices, The Emily Poe Project are making fascinating music that would work well on the same bill as fellow Indy indie rockers Slothpop or Jascha.

Catch them Friday, May 20, at Monon Coffee in Broad Ripple at 7:15 p.m.

Below, their two-part song “Mother”, one of my favorites from their catalog.

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