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Review: The Head and the Heart, The Vogue


The Head and the Heart earlier in the day at Studio 92 - KATHERINE COPLEN

The Head and the Heart with Drew Grow and the Pastors Wives and Black Girls
Friday, March 9, 2012 at The Vogue

Black Girls (good luck with that Google search) took the stage right around 8pm at the Vogue on Friday night; it wasn’t packed, but the crowd was growing. This was a sold out show. Black Girls is from Richmond, VA and was sort of all over the place: rock/pop/folk. They put on a good show, but the crowed was filling in and ready for the headliner.

And the crowd would have to wait. Drew Grow and the Pastors Wives took the stage next; you never want to be that band that’s just getting in the way of the act that’s coming on next. But they were into it, and clearly loved The Head and the Heart, so that helped. They had a kind of rebellious folk sound.

The Head and the Heart played The Earth House last summer, when they were supposed to open for The Decemberists, who had to cancel their show at the last minute. It was clear then that Indianapolis loved this band. And they mentioned that, which made the crowd—no doubt many of whom had been at the Earth House show—feel like they were being rewarded. And they were.

The Head and the Heart got right in, playing various favorites from their self-titled album. “Ghosts” got people moving—remembering why they were there. After a few sound glitches, things rolled along with just as much energy as the Earth House show. For “Lost in my Mind,” they were joined by the opening bands, and that stage full of musicians worked really well. The audience helped, too.

In case anyone had forgotten (and, that would be difficult to do), Charity Rose Thielen reminded them that she has a stellar voice. The kind of voice that just halts you. She proved it again in “Winter Song,” which is quiet and haunting, but totally defined by her voice. And then, she crushed “Rivers and Roads.” This group of musicians is incredible, but Thielen is what makes it so unique, for sure. They sampled some new music throughout the night, of course, but the crowd responded with enthusiasm to the songs they knew and loved, like “Down in the Valley.” This band clearly has a home in Indianapolis; they’re moving up the ranks pretty quickly, but they still come off as entirely genuine—having fun and in love with their music.


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