Review: "The Impersonators" by Indy filmmaker Joshua Hull

The Impersonators is an Indy gem you won’t want to miss.


The Impersonators
  • The Impersonators

The Impersonators is the second film in what filmmaker Joshua Hull calls his “Anti-Growing Up Trilogy.” While his first film, Beverly Lane, focuses on dysfunctional office drones fighting off zombies, The Impersonators revolves around party rental superheroes. The film was released on Blu-ray last week through comedian Josh Arnold’s website. It’s Hull’s best work yet — an audacious ensemble comedy that feels like the best film the Farrelly Brothers never made.

Arnold stars as Les, a seasoned veteran at Super Rentals. When we meet him, he’s all washed up, showing up at kids’ birthday parties with zero enthusiasm as Mr. Super. His oppressive boss (Jas Sams) threatens to hire a younger, more athletic guy to fill his shoes.

Les gets a chance to redeem himself when the crime-ridden town of Rockville recruits him and his ragtag team of superhero impersonators to lift local spirits. The gang seems like a real dysfunctional family, which is a huge credit to the hilarious, endearing cast. You can feel the weight of the time they’ve spent together and the love buried beneath their constant bickering.

Chock full of funny quips, gross-out gags and surprisingly slick fight scenes, The Impersonators feels like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia meets The Avengers. Written by Hull and Arnold, it’s silly yet smart. Out of Hull’s three films, this one exudes the most confidence, swinging for the fences when it comes to crude, quirky humor. It’s his most “mainstream” effort, but it’s still imbued with an outlandish indie sensibility.

The Blu-ray edition of the film is the real deal, complete with comic book-style cover art as well as audio commentary and a feature-length documentary about the making of the film. It’s now available on Arnold’s website. The film will also be screening at Scarlet Lane Brewing Company on March 25 at 6 p.m. The cast will be there for a Q&A hosted by yours truly.

The Impersonators is an Indy gem you won’t want to miss. Keep an eye on Hull and the cast here — they’re bound for bright futures.


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