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Review: The Money Conversation


Sara Juli
  • Sara Juli

Studio Theatre at the Center for the Performing Arts; April 14

For the crowded — but not sold-out — house at the Center for the Performing arts Sara Juli did more than entertain: she touched people, and asked them to touch her: literally and metaphorically. Want a hundred bucks? Willing to get a little uncomfortable? Juli did several things with the audience in order to garner reactions of uneasiness, laughter and deep contemplation. In increments of $20, $50, and $100, Juli scattered about $2,000 around the room.

And at the end, she landed about $3,000 in one person's lap. It was up to the individuals whether or not they "donated" the money back. Juli's show speaks volumes in what's not said: invaluable in what continues after she takes a bow.


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