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Review: The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940



2.5 stars

Indianapolis Civic Theatre; directed by Robert J. Sobera; through May 21.

Director Sobera, a master of farce, falls short in his latest venture into the world of broad comedy. The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 is a topsy turvy show with twists and turns that defy explanation. This confusing period journey into a World War II era farce offers a few solid laughs. Yet, the script is wrought with historical references and jokes that fly over the heads of patrons not born in the Baby Boomer generation. Ryan Koharchik demonstrates a superb visual interpretation of the story through his scenic and lighting design, which plays a defined and important role in the piece. The story is peppered with quaint, albeit stereotypical, characters portrayed by actors who revel in the glamorous glimpse into the golden age of Hollywood and Broadway. They give good performances despite a flawed script.


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