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Review: The Perfect '10'


Dan Flahive and Sean Baker lay out the woes of growing up. - SUBMITTED PHOTO
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  • Dan Flahive and Sean Baker lay out the woes of growing up.

Known locally as "the music maker," pianist and vocalist and now writer, Sean Baker recently premiered his semi-autobiographical piece, titled The Perfect "10" at Theatre On The Square.

Loosely based on the 1979 Blake Edwards classic hit 10, Baker finds a way to bring the recognizable storyline, a man who is not ready to grow up, to modern times.

Relationship dynamics and mid-life crises are both big conversation starters and always have been. The inspiration story of 10 told how a mid-life crisis unfolded in the 1980s, while Baker's The Perfect "10" brought the concept to millennial relationships and how to deal with internal conflict.

"I believe this story about relationships and middle-age chasing fantasy is poignant and needs to be told again after 36 years since the original film," said Baker.

The Perfect "10" is a great combination of humor and reality checks. With strong stage presence, the actors truly brought the story to life. Considering the story is semi-autobiographical, I feel as though Baker would be proud of this performance and how it shed light on all of the (harsh) realities that are expressed throughout the story line.


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