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Review: The Spud Puppies at Indy Hostel



The Spud Puppies (Indy Hostel Folk Festival)
Sept. 10, Indy Hostel
4.5 stars

The sign for the Indy Hostel Folk Festival reads “family friendly event,” and they weren’t kidding. The group that gathered in the Hostel’s back yard on a cozy Saturday evening covered every age from eight months to eighty, and probably a few more. The Hostel has always been warm and inviting, and never more so than this, with the folk fest taking on the feeling of an extended family picnic.

The afternoon event went well into the night, featuring the work of Tony Marshall, Gamblin’ Christmas, the Punkin Holler Boys, and the highly anticipated reunion of local legends the Spud Puppies.

The Spud Puppies are scattered throughout the country right now and just came off a two-year break, but you couldn’t tell from the music. The musical high point was probably an extended jam session midway through their set, highlighted by the point when a little boy hopped up there to join in.

“Teach your children well!” someone cried out. “We’re trying, man, we’re trying!” came lead singer Greg Ziesemer’s response.

A camaraderie built up over the years was on display in the music and the interaction between audience and crowd.

“Hopefully we’re starting a tradition here,” Ziesemer called out at one point. “To say, ‘See you next year — wouldn’t that be nice?” Yes. Yes it would.


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