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Review: The White Boy Wasted Tour ft. Riff Raff


The White Boy Wasted Tour ft. Riff Raff
247 Sky Bar
Saturday, June 30

Deep in the heart of Downtown Indianapolis, in South Meridian's notorious meat market club district, curiosity got the best of me. I had to check out an underground rap show known as the White Boy Wasted Tour that was being held at 247 Sky Bar. The focus of attention of this tour was viral internet rapper sensation, Riff Raff, who just recently signed to Diplo's label Mad Decent, to an eight-album deal. I will present the review in a timeline fashion.

11:30 p.m.: Downtown Indianapolis was in full swing with ubiquitous college frat boys, and girls in miniskirts and heels. I arrived at 247 Sky Bar and had to climb three stories of steps and through a maze of hallways and rooms that each had their own bar until I reached the final concert room. The room was dark and Rad Summer promoter, Ben Action-Jackson, was alone on a large stage warming up the crowd with choice hip-hop instrumental cuts and breaks on his turntables.

DJ Crookshanks was spinning records most of the evening.

11:50 p.m.: DJ Crookshanks relieved Ben Action-Jackson on stage to spin his set of deep hip-hop and glitched instrumentals to a small growing crowd of patrons and curiosity seekers. Small clusters of girls with glow sticks started dancing near the stage in anticipation.

12:25 a.m.: The crowd doubled in size and started filling up the front stage when rapper A-West hit the stage to pump up the crowd with typical call and response crowd hypes that included the often repeated phrase "When I say white boy, you say wasted. WHITE BOY..." What appeared to be the beginning of the show, morphed into a tease when A-West left the stage a minute later after announcing that the show would start very soon. DJ Crookshanks kept the crowd sated with more deep instrumental hip-hop jams that crossed over into underground dubstep and chilled rave beats.

12:50 a.m.: People in the crowd started chanting "RIFF RAFF."

1 a.m.: Rapper Dana Coppa hit the stage and started his set with a sample from Sesame Street and a catchy hip hop chorus sample of "One Of These Kids Is Doing Their Own Thing". Dana Coppa would rap for a couple of minutes and ask Crookshanks to stop the music after each song until admitting to the crowd that none of this music is available and was completely freestyled on the spot. He told a joke at the end of his short set that went completely over everyone's head before leaving the stage.

1:10 a.m.: Rapper A-West hit the stage to remind everyone that Riff Raff will be coming on soon before rapping about Kurt Cobain to sampled Nirvana riffs. A-West would freestyle rhyme over one minute beats and seemed to be biding time for the next rapper to make an appearance. A couple of people in the front stage started to heckle the rapper.

1:20 a.m.: Rapper Black Lung appeared on stage to start his set and managed to entice a couple of girls from the audience to get on stage to dance and grind. A-West remained on stage as a hype man and snatched one of the girl's bottled beers from her hand and started drinking it. I believe she left the stage empty-handed. More heckling from the front of the stage continued.

White Boy Wasted tour headliner Riff Raff performs at 247 Skybar.
  • Christina Carroll
  • White Boy Wasted tour headliner Riff Raff performs at 247 Skybar.

1:45 a.m.: Finally, the headliner, Riff Raff, appeared on stage in a white polka dotted tank top and neon green shorts and a microphone headset flanked by his entourage and the evening's rappers. By the third song, the crowd swelled and doubled in attendance. Stand out songs included "Deion Sandals" and "Tiger Woods." In addition to the entourage on stage, a couple of blonde girls climbed on stage to bump and grind with the various rappers to the explosive beats coming from the P.A. speakers. Riff Raff and his crew left the stage at 2:08 a.m., leaving house DJ Crookshanks to continue spinning underground hip-hop instrumentals to the dispersing crowd.


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