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Review: 'Under Further Review' at Indy Indie


Matthew Eickhoff, 'The Tackle'
  • Matthew Eickhoff, 'The Tackle'

You have to give Matthew Eickhoff credit for his ambition. He likes to paint large, often on 84” by 40” wood panels. And he knows his football; each panel is accompanied by a detailed written blurb for each “game changing moment” that he portrays in oil.

The trouble is that his artistic technique, in these paintings at least, falls short of his ambition. In one painting, “The Tackle” (depicting a “game-changing” moment in Super Bowl XXXIV), there’s something odd and insect-like about the helmet of the defender who’s tackling the receiver. Elsewhere you see shoes on the same player mismatched, unsteady yard lines on the football field (as if you’re viewing them underwater) and poor choices in terms of color and composition. In one depiction a football player’s yellow helmet seems to disappear into the yellow tights of a teammate.

Even more critically though, the proportions and motions of many of the depicted football players themselves seem awkwardly rendered. There are also problems in terms of the subject matter. In “The Clutch Kicker” you see a rather obvious display; one player jumping for joy while another of the opposite team sulks. Through Feb. 25 at Indie Indy Art Gallery.


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