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Review: Under New Management at Mt Comfort


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Courtney Reagor, "nouns"
  • Courtney Reagor, "nouns"

Austin Radcliffe, a Herron student well known for his Tumblr page Things Organized Neatly, has taken up curatorial reins at MT COMFORT with an exhibition that serves mostly as an introduction to his taste in visual art, which happens to be quite good. Under New Management doesn't revolve around a concept or theme; all of it is art for art’s sake, and all of it is excellent, beautiful and often forceful. Mileage will vary, based on personal taste.

The work is bound together by a focus on and appreciation for re-contextualized objects, with many pieces rendered in bright, gaudy colors reminiscent of the 1980s. There is an appealing simplicity inherent as well; none of the pieces in the show feel like they have too much going on. Case in point, Courtney Reagor’s still life photographs (see image) depict unexpected pairings of items that interact with each other in interesting and visually appealing ways, against brightly colored backgrounds. It will be interesting to see what Radcliffe brings to MT. COMFORT; based upon his first outing, we have a lot to look forward to. Through March 23 at MT COMFORT.


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