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Upon Further Observation at Evan Lurie


Photograph by Nick Veasey.
  • Photograph by Nick Veasey.

Tom Leighton's digital photographic collage, "Parade," is the first work to greet you as you walk into the current show at the Evan Lurie Gallery. An amalgam of Tokyo, Chicago, and Hollywood cityscapes, "Parade" might just resemble the landscape of your dreams.

Leighton's photographic collages celebrate the kind of place where the party is never supposed to stop - and the party is still going at the Lurie Gallery, despite recent troubles. The art on display is of the kind you might see in top galleries in any of the aforementioned cities.

Top-notch sculpture is on view as well in the form of Przemyslaw Lasak's life-size Terra cotta and metal "Female Samurai Warrior" and Alexandra de Lazareff's bronze "Cyberdada." "Female Samurai" is a bare-breasted figure that seems to owe more to the artist's imagination than to actual history. "Cyberdada," a horse with a gear shaft for innards, is an ode of sorts to Dada.

There's something of the spirit of Dada to Nick Veasey's X-ray photographic prints on display here. (In Veasey's catalogue you can, in fact, find an X-ray image entitled "X-Duchamp" picturing a urinal.) But the Veasey image that really grabbed me was that of a skeleton reading a newspaper. Who among us could stand up to the withering scrutiny of an X-ray laying bare the hidden aspects of our lives?


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