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Review: Vibes RSD GloryHole showcase


Cover art for the RSD exclusive 'FSDC Vol. I'
  • Zach Bell
  • Cover art for the RSD exclusive 'FSDC Vol. I'

GloryHole Showcase
Vibes Music
Saturday, April 21 (Record Store Day)

Just a few years ago, it seems, Record Store Day in Indianapolis was an event quarantined to the slim spaces of Indy CD & Vinyl and LUNA. This year, however, RSD was a bona fide, city-wide event. All over Midtown, music enthusiasts and hipsters of varying degrees stumbled around, from record store to record store, shooting the shit, flipping through rows of records and searching for rare RSD exclusives.

While LUNA, at 52nd and College seemed to be the hangout for fashion-conscious college grads and "Fresh Market" frequenters, Vibes, on 54th street, was the place to be for the dedicated rockers. With a stacked line-up, hand-picked by GloryHole Records, Vibes was clearly the place for head-turning, head-banging local tunes.

After a quaint but passionate performance by Christian Taylor & Homeschool, the rest of the day at Vibes quickly evolved into a daylong party.

One of the highlights of the day came around the halfway point when Humans, a three-piece from Bloomington began. Despite being twice as loud and twice as fast as any other bands on the bill, Humans charmed the crowd with their experimental take on hardcore music. With precise drumming and fantastic bass work, Humans dismantled many preconceived notions of modern hardcore, all the while paying tribute to the fundamental roots of the genre.

As the day moved on, the kegs were quickly drained, but the crowd showed no signs of sobering. Inside the shop, Vibes did good business selling records, despite the fact that their order for RSD exclusives had been messed up. Even though Vibes caters more to the indie/hardcore crowd, they ended up receiving 10 Fleetwood Mac LPs, ten times more than anyone should ever own. (Editor's note: I respectfully disagree!)

As the bands continued, the crowd continued to grow in size and enthusiasm, erupting into a feverish pogo-pit for the vintage thrash-pop of Kokomo transplants, Vacation Club. With a stylistic nod to Buddy Holly and early Beatles, Vacation Club played bouncy pop songs with an irreverent punk attitude. They ripped through their set so perfectly and so recklessly.

By the time the night was over, most of the LUNA rockers had migrated to Vibes to watch The Kemps blow the roof off with their filthy garage rock jams. As the dust from the day settled and all the empty Hamm's and stems and seeds were swept up, the crowd dispersed into the night, waiting, with higher expectations than ever, for next year's Record Store Day.

Check out this week's NUVO print edition for a review of the GloryHole compilation FSDC Vol. I.


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