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Review: Weiland tour tardiness


  • Christian Doellner
  • Scott Weiland

Given Scott Weiland's recent penchant for tour tardiness, the title of hardest working man in rock and roll might go to the DJ responsible for crafting the Weiland tour playlist heard between opening act and headliner.

At 9:35, Scott Weiland's megaphone was escorted by valet to the drum riser where it lay in repose till 10:15 when Weiland finally found his way to the Egyptian Room stage and was greeted by a smattering of boos reflecting the audience's restlessness.

Advertised as the Purple at the Core tour the bulk of the night's material was drawn from Stone Temple Pilot's first two albums. Weiland's vocals were reedy (a sinus infection? Problems with earphone monitor?) and didn't reflect the grunge growl that dominated the early STP singles. Touring behind the lower register vocal albums and singing in a strained, Sour Girl register was puzzling.

Stage banter was kept to a minimum with Weiland primarily introducing song titles. Leading to a nice behind the music moment with Weiland explaining he had stressed to producer Brendan O'Brien that "Kitchenware & Candy Bars" was an example of a song title that didn't need to "loom over a chorus."

A blistering cover of Janes Addiction's "Mountain Song" ended with Weiland quoting - in a rush of breath - Perry Farrell's Pigs in Zen rap that flew right over the crowd's head. "If you got some big fucking secret than why don't you sing me something?"

*birds chirping*

The show ended with an encore cover of The Door's "Roadhouse Blues" and STP's "Unglued." The omission of "Sex Type Thing" - a riotous crowd pleaser and STP's finest megaphone moment - was disappointing given its history as STP's breakout single.


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