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Review: 'Windows Over Wabash'


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Charley Creek Inn
  • Charley Creek Inn

With her Window Over Wabash - the second entry in Storytelling Arts' annual series of new monologues about Indiana landmarks, If These Walls Could Talk - Lou Ann Homan puts a human spin to the history of an almost century-old Indiana hotel. As much historian as storyteller, Homan details her recent experiences visiting Wabash to fulfill a commission to research the history of the structure that was recently refurbished and re-opened as Charley Creek Inn.

She takes us with her as she meets key people in Wabash who ask her, "Do you know the story of... ?" to which she replies, "No," and awaits edification. Thus, we become privy to highlights, from when the city's founding families began building on the former site of Miami and Potawatomi villages, to the excitement of Wabash becoming the first electrically lighted city in the world in 1880, to a devastating fire that leveled the entire downtown. In all, Homan brings her joyful pursuit of reclamation into her stories. March 24 at Indiana Landmarks Center.


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