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Review: Wisdom Tooth's 'All in the Timing'



Anderson’s Wisdom Tooth Theatre presentation of All in the Timing, a collection of six short, comedic one acts by David Ives, wavered between comic hits and misses, but Kait Burch’s directorial ideas — and choice of unfamiliar, fresh material — ultimately carried the show. It says something about how a burgeoning theater company putting on smaller shows in less wealthy venues can thrive — namely, by presenting something that can't be seen on other stages.

Each scene started with a delightful concept, from Philip Glass’ deconstructed visit to a bakery, to three chimps attempting to prove true the “infinite monkey theorem“, which posits that, given enough time, a handful of typing primates could come up with Hamlet. Actor Adam Tran stood apart from his peers on stage, performing in “Philip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread,” “Words, Words, Words” (the one with the chimps) and “Universal Language.”
In each scene, Tran, a truly uninhibited comedic actor, pushed the boundaries of ridiculousness.

However, Tran’s presence was missed in 50 percent of the show. The cast of actors got ahead of themselves, pushing to hard for laughs. Not to say they didn’t do justice to Ives’ writing, which is chock full of one-liners, but these relatively green performers — largely drawn from the student population at Anderson University — weren't always on-the-nose in the delivery of their jokes.

In all, All in the Timing turned out to be just that: all about timing. When jokes hit, they soared. March 9-11 at IndyFringe Theatre.


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