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Review: Without a Spot or Wrinkle at OnyxFest



Without a Spot or Wrinkle deals with church infighting; in doing so, it feels very insular, as though it would be better suited being performed at an actual church.

Writer and director Tiffanie Bridges also seems to have cast the entire show from her own place of worship, and unfortunately this is somewhat evident in the performances which could use a bit more polish and a bit more practice — the night I attended suffered from some pretty significant line issues, in addition to some rather inexplicable make up choices.

  • Writer-director Tiffanie Bridges

This show might be better suited to being pared down to a brief sketch, for there is some strong comedic material to be mined from its subject matter; either that, or just get off the fence and, instead of being a tale of redemption, let the horrible people depicted in the play be horrible people and let the chips fall where they may. It was briefly hinted that one character was capable of murder; I don’t know about you, but I would love to see that play.

In the center of all the bickering between characters is Bridges herself playing a stereotypical busybody, know-it-all, and hypocrite. Bridges is a seasoned performer and knows how to milk the comedy and energy out her material—the rest of her cast just couldn’t seem to keep up with her ability to inhabit a scene. Nonetheless, Bridges manages to raise the quality of the show, and that seems to be her philosophy: to raise people up. If you enjoy a happy ending and faith-based story telling, this show is definitely for you.


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