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Review: WOODS at the Bishop


WOODS in the ...woods - SUBMITTED PHOTO

The BIshop Bar
Monday, April 23

"Monday Mind Melt" - I wish I could take credit for that, but it was from Bloomington's Landlocked Music's tweet yesterday regarding the WOODS show with Apache Dropout and mmoss at the Bishop. It's appropriate. Imagine being absorbed in music - that's what this show was about.

Bloomington locals Apache Dropout kicked the night off not from the stage, but in a circle of fans on the floor. Upbeat, catchy and straightforward, the trio played quick songs, mostly counted off in shrieks of "One-two-three-four!" by the main singe and guitarist. "Garage-y" gets thrown around a lot these days, but the stripped-down aesthetic of Apache Dropout needs the term.

As Apache Dropout wrapped up their final song, members of mmoss joined in on stage. The wave of sound signaled a segue into a decidedly more chill set with the quartet.

mmoss is versatile, fluctuating between long-form jam songs and heavy rhythms. The set was groovy, kind of like listening to the Mamas and the Papas on vinyl. Where there were vocals, the harmonies filled the room, becoming their own instrument. Forget about simple drums, bass, guitar and keys - even a flute made an appearance.

The headliner, Brooklyn's WOODS, is often described as "low-fi." The live sound is anything but. In form with the previous bands, WOODS was atmospheric, volumetric even in sound. The presence was physical without being aggressive, and the soft, high vocals glinted over the set. Maybe it was the green lighting on the band, maybe it was the feeling of being consumed by music, but WOODS seemed like an appropriate name - standing in what was obviously a venue suddenly felt like standing in the middle of a forest. Except the trees were instruments, and the air was sound.


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