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Review: Writers' Harvest at Clowes



Novelist John Green was the headliner and he did not disappoint. He's audience savvy. He knew we wanted to know his favorite passage[s] from The Fault in Our Stars, which deals with living with the vigor of anticipation and dying with the dignity of intuition. His reading underscored the humor within his smart dialogue and sharp observations.

Sharing his newly written stories, he chuckled along with us enjoying ruminations on rain, dumpsters, umbrellas and the reactions of people to a seemingly inconsequential event that suddenly looms large. One new story, "Being in a Racket," gained momentum as he conjectured on what's bad, good and just 'hmm.'

Poet Allyson Horton entertained with observations - personal, social and universal. Ben Winters reflected on the semantics of "mystery novel," considering how well-crafted fiction of all stripes has an inherent mysterious quality, making us "want to think about it, wonder about things," to probe beyond the surface.

Sharing from The Last Policeman Winters touched on the central issue of "why people do things that seem unimportant" while awaiting an apocalyptic event.

Susan Neville took us on her quest 'to know and uncover." Reading from Fabrication: Essays on Making Things and Making Meaning, she led to connect with the makers of things and thus respect the labor and ingenuity going into the stuff we use up without a thought.


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