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Review: X-Fest Uproar Tour


Shinedown headlined the X-Fest Uproar Tour 2012 at Klipsch Center on Spetember 8, 2012.

X-Fest/Uproar Festival is heralded as the last great summer festival. Am I allowed to say it was the greatest summer festival? I would, because it did what a festival should: I am severely sunburned, exhausted beyond all comprehension, I made a new friend while there, I saw some of the best performances in a very long time and I cried of happiness at the end.

Uncrowned was the first band of an incredibly long, extremely fun day. I hadn't heard of Uncrowned before then, but I enjoyed their set very much. The lead singer had a fantastic range, from deep, throaty screams to extreme, almost falsetto highs. During one of the breaks between songs, the singer revealed that he had just finished radiation for cancer and the experience had deepened both his love for music and his appreciation that we came to cheer him and his band on.

The BOTB winners, Seven Days Away, were absolutely amazing. If someone hasn't signed these guys already they desperately need to. Seven Days Away were incredibly impressive from the vocalist's gravelly but still pleasant voice, to the guitarists' fast paced mastery, to the throbbing bass and slamming drums. One of my favorite performances of the entire day, I will definitely be looking for more of this band.

Cruz was listed as performing, but they never did. Instead, Moonshine Collective performed, but the guitarist was the only one of his band that was on time. He joked that his band were too drunk on moonshine to be there, but I'm not sure if it was really a joke or if he was serious. Zach Myers from Shinedown filled in on bass for a few songs of jamming with Redlight King's drummer providing drums. After a few songs, Redlight King's bassist filled in for most of the rest of the songs, with Zach coming back for the last two or three, and Adelitas Way's and Mindset Evolution's drummers taking up drums for the rest of the set. Pulling a show out of his rear end that was both just about seamless and was entertaining must have been incredibly hard, and I applaud Moonshine Collective's guitarist. He was a great, bluesy rock guitarist that had a really nice voice. I just hope the rest of Moonshine Collective is as great as he is.


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